Imagine profiting from the passing trade of the UK’s busiest shopping street at a fraction of the rental cost, and every visitor belonging to your target market…..? Companies seeking the promotional edge and looking for innovative and targeted pathways to reach their target market, are quickly turning to exhibitions and festivals. Such events offer a unique promotional medium, allowing two-way personal interaction between consumer and company. Unlike most advertising mediums exhibitions enable customers to touch, see, smell & feel products and then ask questions.

Remember, it’s one of the best opportunities to sell yourself and employees to potential clients

With a little market research and input from clients and other experts in the exhibition industry, we’ve come up with 4 TOP TIPS for 2014 that will allow you to make the most of your exhibitions on the day and after the event. Take a little time to think about and plan:

  1. How you will interact with people on the day?
  2. How do you decipher who’s a consumer and who’s trader?
  3. Asking visitors who they are and why they’re attending?
  4. How you will engage with visitors after the exhibition?


How Exhibitions Help You Grow…

Below you can find a clear guide as to how exhibitions can help you grow and how to maximise the events you attend with a simple and clearly defined process that helps you to:

  • Increase your company/brand profile
  • Increase sales turnover
  • Launch new products
  • Clear old products
  • Discuss sample products

  • Educate customers
  • Support distribution channels
  • Increase your customer database
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Generate leads

OK, so prepare yourself with a pen, paper and a cup of herbal tea – or something relaxing…

Start by making a few notes of your aims and any creative ideas you have and setting yourself SMART objectives using the following guide acronym:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timeframe


Try to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for exactly what you want from your events and don’t forget…..

Define your target audience: At this point you know who will be attending particular exhibitions. What products and services are you offering that will they be interested in?

Develop your message: Keep it simple and to the point. Aim your specific message at your target audience.

Attract people to your stand: Consider sample giveaways, competitions, hospitality, or the launch a new product or range. (Don’t let these things distract from your main objectives)

Communicate: Who you are. What you do. What benefits you offer to your clients. The obvious needs to be stated. What is your unique selling point? They need to know!

Be clear and concise: Exhibitions are a competitive environment. You only have seconds to attract visitors attention and engage with them to stand out from the crowd

Graphics: Larger, bolder, simpler. As a rule of thumb, think of a size and double it. Think of a highway billboard. What works on the printed page or website will not always work at an event.

Space: Leave plenty of room for visitors (buyers) on your stand. At least 50% of your floor area should be left for visitors.

Involve your sales team – Brief your team on the stand prior to the show. Give them the whole picture, the why, what, where, who and your objectives, and seek feedback on your exhibit for the next show (write it down).

Review, develop and change – Continual development and change is a must. Visitors (buyers) may walk past your exhibit if it “looks the same as last time” – nothing new here!

Capture the moment – Photograph the event. Use it in further promotion and as a great stepping stone to your next exhibition stand

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