Project Description

First Choice Construction Brief

First Choice Construction in Manchester were a small family run business with a vision. Formerly relying on word on mouth and a conventional business card as their prime method of marketing, they were ready to expand.

Branding & Web Design

Upon securing a major contract with a national construction company, First Choice Construction realised that the time was nigh to raise their profile and to start showcasing their work as they had new opportunities to tender for major projects. They wanted to establish contemporary logo and develop a simple and effective online marketing strategy with a website that would showcase their work.

“We’re simply builders and the sound of marketing was worrying. Speaking with 0161 Media was a relief as they took our worries away, turned our thoughts to reality and created a lovely website which is perfect to display our projects. Having such a fantastic website helped us secure a major contract and we’re about to employ around 10 – 12 new staff. Happy Days 🙂   “
Jason Gibbons, First Choice Construction