Media planning & Media buying for your business

Media Planning & Media Buying

0161 Media offers a media planning and buying service that establishes the most appropriate and effective media platforms for your brand or product. To ensure you spend your budget wisely our media planning and buying service determines which is the best combination of media required to achieve your marketing objectives.

For both direct response and brand-building, we provide sophisticated and effective media planning across all print, digital display, video, mobile and social medias.

With our media planning strategies, you can count on 0161 Media for a modern approach, with strategic insight, to efficiently reach customers, maximise your ROI (Return on Investment) and deliver results.
We believe that your advertising is only as good as the cost of the lead or sale that it generates, so we take great care in planning your  campaigns.
In the process of planning media we:

  • Establish which media is most appropriate for your advertising presence.
  • Determine which audience you can reach through different medias
  • Calculate the frequency you should select
  • Propose the budget required for each medium
to establish an optimum media plan that enables you to achieve your objectives.

Implementing Media Planning & Media Buying

Before we establish your local and national media campaigns, we bring together audience and market insight and account planning. We create compelling content for your campaigns and negotiate exclusive rates to ensure you maximise your budget’s potential.

Your PR Marketing is optimised through our proprietary research. 0161 Media are able to identify the people you should be talking to. We’re modern and we’re in tune with the 2014 audience so we relate the best combination of media to reach your target market. Whether it’s a print, digital, broadcast or an outdoor advertising campaign, allow us to make it happen.

Local Press

Manchester Evening News

Advertising with local media such as the Manchester Evening News, the Metro and other local magazines is great way of connecting with local audiences. Local media is an important source in making people feel connected to their local community and you are part of that community…

National Press

Advertise in national press with exclusive rates

National press advertising and Radio offer a very powerful combination for you to promote your brand and products. There is a very responsive audience out there but you have to be creative enough to catch their attention.

Digital Media

Google Adwords for international exposure

Advertising with Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section next to search results can seriously boost website traffic and sales. Pay-per-click aka Cost-per-click is a very modern form of paid advertising

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