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Social Media

Social Media today refers to web applications which allow information to be created, published and shared freely in virtual communities over the internet.

Social Media Interaction

Social Media is an increasingly growing and important part of business today. How many times have you seen a great deal from Groupon or one of your friends stuck on 4 pics 1 word, posted on Facebook or Twitter? That’s the power of social media today. Businesses are  using social media networks to grow an organic following of potential clients and turning them in to qualified leads.

What is social media integration

Look to the right of this page… can you see our Twitter and Facebook widgets? Websites are a great for social media integration. Those visiting your website can join your social community at the click of a button and instantly view your latest comments, launches and offers in real time.

What social media is going to be suited for my business?

That depends on the line of business you are in. Twitter is great for quick and fast updates or gossip, with Facebook being the same but offering more content and image space. Flickr and Instagram are mainly for posting images in real time.  Youtube is great for releasing videos of events, promotions and tutorials.



Twitter is great for developing a new client database with genuine leadsTwitter has over 500 million users. It’s easy for you to begin an advertising campaign with twitter. All we need to establish, initially, is whether you want to target a regional, national or international market and we will look at a measurable strategy perfect for your budget…


Facebook is great for developing a new client database with genuine leadsConnect with over 1 billion Facebook users using Facebook advertising. We will maximise the advertising value by making your ad direct and targeted specific to your niche, which People who like your Page spend an average of 2 times more as a customer than people who aren’t connected to you on Facebook…


Youtube is great for developing a new client database with genuine leadsYoutube is amazing for Igniting your brand or business using the emotion, power and sheer fun of video. Marketing on YouTube turns viewers into fans and fans mean a sustainable marketing platform for you to develop your strategies using the Uber-cool power of Youtube…

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